How long have you been writing?

Basically as long as I knew how to. Honestly, I remember being excited about writing stories back when I was in grade one, and thinking they were amazing. I always won the creative writing awards in elementary school. I've always been writing.

But I've been treating writing like a second job since about 2014, if that's what you mean ;)

Why aren't you traditionally published?

I would love to be traditionally published! I've decided not to continue with self-publishing, and one of my goals I would like to work on this year is getting proper query letters and synopsis written for one of my polished books, to try and have that happen.

What ever happened to New Aura? Weren't you writing a sequel?

Yes, I did write a sequel, and I started on the third one as well. What happened is a really long story, but I ended up going with a different publisher from Calypso, hoping to make my next book more widely available. That didn't happen, and it was actually next to impossible to get a hold of it. I won't get into the nitty gritty of it all, but I made the decision to have it unpublished. If you look hard, there might be one or two online bookstores that still have one available, but other than that, you can't get it anymore. It wasn't something that I was hoping for, and I even had New Aura up on the books page of my website for a long time before I finally made the choice to take it down. 

Since unpublishing New Aura, I had written other books that I was more proud of, and wanted people to read those more.

I also realized that releasing trilogies is hard as a self-published author. In order for Dark Aura to sell at all, every reader looking at it would have had to hear about and have read and enjoyed New Aura before that. Since I don't have a large following to begin with, I thought that at this point in my career, it made more sense to only release stand-alones. I thought it would be better to have books that didn't have prerequisites. ;) 

You can still read New Aura online for free here although I think the last few chapters are missing.  (if they are, and you want to read them just let me know.) The whole New Aura fiasco really did seem to take a lot out of me regarding Becca and Chance's story, but I wish I could revisit it at some point. But right now I do feel like it's better for me to focus on other books.


What about Tickets to Karasvale? Where did that go?

Tickets to Karasvale was on a website called Swoon Reads, where manuscripts with high ratings from readers would be considered for a publishing deal through Macmillan. Unfortunately they have closed Swoon Reads as of December 21, 2020. Unless you have a PDF or a copy that I printed out for you, you won't be able to read it anymore. Sorry about. Unless I find an agent who likes it and I get it published! It seems most people who read it on Swoon Reads enjoyed it, which is great, but unfortunately not enough people read it to catch the attention of the publishers for their last picks before ending this program. I did read a manuscript on it a while back, called This is What You Came For, and it's supposed to be coming out this year, so I encourage everyone to check that out when it's available, because it was a super fun enemies-to-lovers YA that takes place over the weekend at a music festival! As for Karasvale though, it is unfortunately no longer available to read online.

Who's your favourite author?

Since reading Erin Morgenstern's second novel, The Starless Sea, I can say that it is, without a doubt, Erin Morgenstern. She makes magic come to life in a way I've only ever experienced through her writing and it's the most wonderful experience.


When's your next book coming out?

I don't know! I have decided not continue with self-publishing and would like to try and get an agent or get traditionally published. I'm currently sitting on two polished books, and having a friend read through the first draft of another one and I'm not sure which book is best to send out! They are all very different stories with different audiences, but I would like to work on finding an agent this year with one of them.

What are you writing right now?

I currently have a friend reading the first draft of a super cute and fun adult romance featuring my two favourite love tropes: fake dating, and famous people falling in love with non-famous people! I had SO much fun writing it!

I also have little ideas circling in my head for a very light-sci-fi story so we'll see if I do anything with that.

Ask your own questions below! If any are asked more than a few times, I will post them on this page so that everyone else can see the answers too! 

But don't worry; if you're the only one who asks, I will still reply to you!

Thanks! Message sent.