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- May 21, 2020- 

I got interviewed on a blog! How exciting!! Check it out! CLICK HERE TO READ IT!

- April 13, 2019- 

YOU CAN READ TICKETS TO KARSVALE!!!! The full manuscript is on SWOON READS and if people like it, it could get a publishing deal! So check it and give it a read (for free!) and if you like it, make sure to rate it and comment on it to help it get noticed. 

Read it here

- March 25, 2019- 

Hey all! It's getting to be that time of year again where I get to be a part of great local events! I will be at the Orillia Fairgrounds Farmer's Market on Saturday, April 6, from 8am to 1pm! I will be selling copies of Calypso, Chloe Diller, and Saving Mason, and also matching bookmarks! 

Come say hi and pick up a book!

- Jan 25, 2019- 

I'm a little late in posting this, but I have a short story published in an online anthology! And I got paid for it and everything! I'm so proud of it, and it's super short, so you can read it RIGHT NOW if you want to! ;) 

Check it out below! It's called Just Before Midnight. You have to scroll a wee bit to get to my story, but you should totally check out the other masterpieces while you're there!


- Aug 15, 2018- 

FINALLY! FINALLY I can tell you that SAVING MASON IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL EREADER PLATFORMS AND IN PAPERBACK FROM AMAZON.COM AND INDIGO.CA! I'm so excited!!!! Indigo took the longest, and I was waiting until it was available everywhere to tell you, BUT IT'S FINALLY AVAILABLE! YOU CAN BUY IT! YOU CAN BUY SAVING MASON!!!

Now check out these lovely videos of two lovely people opening Saving Mason and some cool Saving Mason swag :) :)