Hey guys, I'm Nat! 

I love to read (obviously), and write (more obvious), but when I'm not doing those things, I do love to binge a good show on Netflix. My favourite shows are definitely Brooklyn Nine Nine and Schitt's Creek. I <3 Jake and Amy, and also I want to be best friends with David Rose.

I also like to work out and try to get a good workout in at least five times a week. I use Beach Body on Demand for my workouts, and my favourites are ones with Shaun T (like T25 or Insanity). I try my best to eat healthy and I do well most of the time, but I can't pass up the occasional poutine or delicious dessert. (Although during quarantine, chocolate has become my best friend hahahaha.)

I also like to film most things (or parts of things) that I do most days so I can put the footage together in monthly videos. I love to look back on them later. I also think it's important to look for things in life that make you smile or you think are worth remembering. 

I'll link some of my favourite videos below if you feel like checking them out.





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